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Oil and Gas Accountant at Southwestern Production Corp

Oil and gas accountant for small but growing oil and gas company in Lakewood that is looking for someone with experience in some or all of the following aspects:

  1. oil and gas working interest revenue processing,
  2. settlement and invoicing of gas, crude and NGL’s associated with gathering operations,
  3. gas imbalance reconciliation and pipeline transmission,
  4. accounts payable,
  5. joint interest billing
  6. Candidates with experience in Bolo oil and gas accounting software will be considered favorably.
  7. This position will be responsible for recording revenue
  8. maintaining accounts payable invoices for multiple projects (wells or units.).
  9. Knowledge of oil and gas accounting and operations,
  10. federal unit accounting rules,
  11. oil & gas development
  12. production chart of accounts, well location entries, tangible, intangible and lease operating categories of expenses and revenue decks is essential.
  13. Candidate will have to code line items on incoming revenue statements and vendor invoices to record the types of income and expenses and input them into the system and track the items through the revenue and payment cycle and perform reconciliations.
  14. Recording items to the proper department (well or unit) is essential as we will have multiple projects running concurrently.
  15. Timely input of the data is a priority of the position.
  16. Strong understanding of Microsoft Office programs

Company is in a growth period so there is a large volume of work flow that is expected to continue. There may be opportunities for involvement in special projects and increasing responsibilities. The company is developing Federal units and applicants with knowledge and experience in this area will be favorable considered. Applicants must have experience in the areas described above and be able to deal with the pressures of a growing business and the personality to easily get along with their co-workers in a small office environment. The successful candidate will need to be highly organized, file documents and at times will have to answer phones along with all members of the office.

Please send your resume to:

Southwestern Production Corp