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AICPA / PDI Oil and Gas Conference

November 17 - 18, 2020
Virtual Only

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On-site Educational Programs

by Professional Development Institute
University of North Texas

These are PDI programs currently scheduled in the Denver area. For more information about registering, program content or scheduling any program for your company, please contact Jim Hoffman at or 214-763-9644.

February 4-5Revenue AccountingEKS&H

Comprehensive CPE training classes taught by veteran industry professionals who teach what they spent their careers doing.

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PDI Contact Information

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Jim Hoffman -
2301 Hinkle Dr.
Denton, TX 76201

PDI Course Topics

If you would like for a class on a particular topic to be scheduled in Denver, contact Jim Hoffman at PDI. You may have to assist in securing a location for the class.

Fundamentals Series

  • Gas Contract Terms and Tariffs
  • Getting the Non-Financial to the Bottom Line in Oil and Gas
  • Introduction to Downstream
  • Introduction to Midstream Oil & Gas
  • Introduction to Upstream Oil & Gas
  • Land for Non-Landmen
  • Natural Gas From Prospect to Burner Tip
  • Reserves, SMOG & AROs
  • Production Measurement & Allocation - for Accountants
  • Risk Management & Insurance in Upstream Oil and Gas
  • SOX Part 404 - Implementation for Oil & Gas Companies
  • Wind Power from Farmer’s Field to Utility Resource

Petroleum Accounting Series

  • International Agreements in Oil & Gas
  • Moving to IFRS in Oil & Gas
  • Petroleum Accounting - Basic
  • Petroleum Accounting - Advanced
  • Sales Tax Treatment of E&P Operations - Louisiana
  • Sales Tax Treatment of E&P Operations - Texas
  • SMOG Calculation & Disclosure Workshop

Joint Interest Series

  • Expense Side Operational Accounting
  • Joint Interest Accounting & the JOA
  • Joint Venture Auditing & the JOA
  • Payout Calculation and Reporting

Revenue Series

  • Accounting for Producer Imbalances
  • Gas Plant Accounting
  • Oil & Gas Revenue Accounting
  • Oil & Gas Revenue Auditing

Tax Series

  • Introduction to Oil & Gas Taxation
  • Intermediate Oil & Gas Taxation
  • Oil & Gas Tax Partnerships
  • Oil & Gas Tax Review & Update

To register for any PDI class, please go to, click on “View Entire Calendar” and select the class. For more information, please send a note to or call 214-763-9644.