Danyelle McClellan

370 17th Street, Suite 1700
Denver, CO 80202
Email: danyelle.mcclellan@ovintiv.com
Committee Liaison: Joint Interest Audit


Industry Experience and Affiliation: I have worked in the oil and gas industry for 18 years. Currently, I work at Ovintiv (fka Encana) and I have worked here for ten years with seven years as a Senior JIB Account and three years as a Senior Internal Auditor.

Society Experience and Participation: I have been a member of COPAS for many years. I served as the co-chair for the JI/Audit committee in Colorado from 09/2015 – 04/2019. Currently, I am serving on the COPAS Colorado Board as the meeting coordinator and the Joint Interest /Audit liaison. Additionally, I am serving on the COPAS National Joint Interest Committee as the Secretary.


University of Colorado


Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A)

Northeastern University


B.S., Business Administration

Major: Accounting